Open-source Software


elsa is a modern, elegant C++ library intended for use in tomographic reconstruction. Currently, operators are implemented for the forward model of X-ray Computed Tomography (the X-ray transform). Other imaging modalities can be supported by implementing appropriate operators.


oLaF is a flexible and efficient Matlab framework for 3D reconstruction of light field microscopy data. It is designed to cope with various LFM configurations in terms of MLA type (regular vs. hexagonal grid, single-focus vs. mixed multi-focus lenslets) and placement in the optical path (original 1.0 vs. defocused 2.0 vs. Fourier LFM designs).


LFMNet contains code to reconstruct a 3D confocal volume from a 4D light field image. This code is associated with our publication Learning to Reconstruct Confocal Microscopy Stacks From Single Light Field Images.


FusionM4Net contains code to perform multi-modal multi-label skin lesion classification. This code is associated with our publication FusionM4Net: A multi-stage multi-modal learning algorithm for multi-label skin lesion classification.